The Spanish Fintech and Insurtech Association, whose mission is to create a favourable environment for Fintech and Insurtech companies in our country, currently has 186 members corresponding to the different verticals that represent financial trends within the FinTech ecosystem. Do you want to be part of the AEFI?


Claves para ahorrar en pareja de la mano de las Fintech

Una buena organización financiera, una línea de comunicación abierta y unos objetivos claros son claves para conquistar las finanzas en pareja. Las Fintech se han convertido en eslabones fundamentales a la hora de facilitar el proceso de ahorro entre particulares

La Asociación Española de Fintech e Insurtech (AEFI) y CMS España renuevan su acuerdo de patrocinio

La firma de abogados seguirá apoyando a la asociación y a sus miembros como partner jurídico. Ambas organizaciones trabajan para impulsar el desarrollo de iniciativas que mejoren el ecosistema Fintech e Insurtech en España.

AEFI crece un 18% en 2021 y se consolida como la principal referencia en el ámbito del Fintech en España

AEFI trabajará para una aplicación óptima en España de reglamentos comunitarios como el de Crowdfunding o el de Criptoactivos, fundamentales para el desarrollo del ecosistema. Además, presentará en el primer trimestre de 2022 el Libro Blanco de Lending Online y el Libro Blanco de RegTech con el objetivo de seguir fomentando el desarrollo y creación de startups Fintech e Insurtech.

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The Association is internally divided into 13 verticals based on the services offered by its members. In turn, each vertical includes services and companies of different natures that set financial trends within the ecosystem.


We have four types of advisory entities: investment networks; those that provide automated investment advisory services; those that provide automated management services; and trading platforms.


All those entities that provide, either directly or through other entities, electronic means of payment.

Lending Online

This vertical encompasses entities, that after evaluating the borrower, provide collateral-free loans, as well as companies that manage and optimize credit sales for their clients


This vertical groups together all those technology-based companies that create solutions aimed at meeting and adapting to the regulatory requirements of each sector.

Marketplaces and aggregators

Entities whose activity consists of raising funds for the purpose of investment in assets or tangible assets.


This vertical covers 100% digital banks, in other words, banks that depend on smartphones and social networks to establish their relationship with customers.


Companies that provide services aimed at identifying people at a distance through electronic means.


InsurTechs are companies that apply technology to the insurance sector. It is undoubtedly one of the branches that is experiencing rapid growth within the sector.


This vertical includes companies within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, from the creation of the algorithm to sales of cryptocurrencies, as well as the technology on which they are based, the blockchain.

Financial infrastructures

Those entities whose activity consists of the use and improvement of existing technology for the provision of financial services make up their own vertical within the AEFI.

Personal Finance

It is limited to comparison tools for financial products, as well as entities that provide personal finance optimization services.

Transactional Services / Currency

These entities share one aspect : avoiding the costs derived from bank intermediation.

Crowdfunding / lending

Entities whose activity consists of raising funds with the purpose of investing in financial or physical assets.


The term FinTech, which derives from Financial and Technology, refers to companies that are dedicated to the provision of financial services or products by means of advanced technology. These companies create alternative, agile and disruptive routes to obtain financing, acquire a financial product, manage assets and so on.

Thanks to the innovative nature of Spanish fintech entrepreneurs, within Europe, Spain is second only to the United Kingdom in financial technology, as over 350 fintech start-ups have been launched here, generating roughly 10,000 jobs. Indeed, Spain is the European country with the highest number of start-ups per inhabitant.

The Law of Digital Transformation for the Financial Sector and the Regulatory sandbox were approved by Parliament in November 2020., This initiative created a controlled testing environment where companies with disruptive and innovative projects develop their activity under the umbrella of the regulator or supervisor that oversees their business model. In other words, if a company creates a highly innovative project that is not yet clearly regulated, due to its novel nature, it can opt to enter this test environment and develop its idea under the oversight of the supervisor.

The Spanish Sandbox, one of the most ambitious in the world, will attract more than 1,000 million euros in investment and directly create between 4,000 and 5,000 jobs. In addition, it will prevent the flight of talent to other European countries that are in full technological boom.

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