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    Desde qué año opera en España

    ¿Do you have authorization/license from the Bank of Spain, CNMV or DGS to operate in Spain? In case you do not have it, please tell us why and/or if you are in the process of obtaining it.

    Do you make intensive use of technology?*

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    By signing/accepting this document, the signatory, in the representation that he/she holds, commits to comply with its bylaws and its code of good practices, as well as to pay the fee shown below, once the admission process has been passed.

    The answers and information you provide from your company will be forwarded to the AEFI Membership Committee. During the evaluation of your application, some of the members of the Committee may contact you to provide more information or to comment on some points. This communication will always be with your consent and managed by the association.

    Once the Membership Committee has given its approval to your application, the invoice corresponding to the payment of the annual membership fee must be paid. The amount of the invoice will depend on the number of employees your company has:

    If your company has a Spanish CIF:

    • 1 or 2 employees: 330 €
    • From 3 to 13 employees: 715 €
    • +13 employees: 1.100 €.

    If your company has a VAT number from an EU country: 1.100 €.

    The invoice must be paid within a maximum period of 30 days to become a member of the AEFI. If after this time you have not paid the amount corresponding to the membership, your application will be considered closed without success.

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